FutureTPM GA and Technical Meeting Limassol

by Ursula Polessnig

On the 07th-08th March 2019, a FutureTPM general assembly and technical meeting took place in Limassol, Cyprus. The meeting was organized and hosted by FutureTPM project partner S5.

The first day of the meeting started with Work Package (WP) 2 workshop: the focus of this workshop, led by project partner IBM, was on the selection of quantum-resistant (QR) algorithms for implementation in TPM environments, and on the definition of action items for deliverable “Second Report on New QR Cryptographic Primitives” (D2.2), which is due in month 24 of the project. Afterwards, project partner SURREY gave an update on the current status of work package 3 (WP3) and on deliverable “First Report on the Security of the TPM” (D3.2). In addition, SURREY updated on the activities performed by the three sub-working groups in WP3, namely Policy Modelling (UB), Threat Modelling (UPRC) and Security Modelling (IBM). In a following workshop, focused on working group 4 (WP) activities, the FutureTPM partners discussed the status and next steps of the “Risk Assessment Tool” and the vulnerability analysis of the TPM Software Stack (TSS). The first day of the meeting ended with a discussion on further dissemination activities, in particular on the organization of the second FutureTPM (research) workshop, and with a General Assembly (GA) meeting. The second day of the technical meeting was dedicated to the activities of work packages 5 and (WP5 and WP6). During the WP5 workshop, project partner IFAT presented the implementation status and details of the QR algorithms for TPM. IFAT discussed in details the plans for the next action items per TPM environment, namely (i) Software-based TPM, (ii) Hardware-based TPM and (iii) Virtual-based TPM. Finally, UBITECH lead work package 6 (WP6) activities by presenting the work already done in WP6 and the action items for the next months. Overall, it was a very successful and fruitful meeting, and the FutureTPM consortium is looking forward to the upcoming months of the project.