FutureTPM 1st Review Meeting

by Ursula Polessnig

From 9th to 10th September 2019 the 1st FutureTPM review meeting took place in Brussels.

The first day was dedicated to the preparation meeting where the planned presentations were rehearsed. In the evening the partners went out for a common dinner where interesting discussions continued in a more informal atmosphere. The next day, the consortium partners came together with three independent reviewers and the Project Officer (PO) for the first review meeting. At the beginning Thanassis Giannetsos (DTU) and Li Chen (SURREY) as the technical leaders of the FutureTPM project gave an overview of FutureTPM. The consortium reported the current project status, results and achievements as well as the ongoing work in the individual work packages. The reviewers and the PO were satisfied with the results and provided some feedback and recommendations for the future work. All in all it was a successful meeting and partners are enthusiastic about continuing their work in the project.