November 2020

ESCAR Conference (Embedded Security in Cars)
12th November, ONLINE
DTU participated in the presentation of a paper titled "Buckle Up: Autonomous Vehicles Could Face Privacy Bumps in the Road Ahead"

October 2020

27th Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC'2020)
21th October, ONLINE
UL presented the paper "High-Throughput Elliptic Curve Cryptography using AVX2 Vector Instructions"

September 2020

16th International Workshop on Security and Trust Management (STM 2020)
17th to 18th September, ONLINE
UB presented paper "Modelling of 802.11 4-Way Handshake Attacks and Analysis of Security Properties"

August 2020

23rd Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design
26th August, ONLINE
As an alternative to the algorithms implemented in the demonstrators IFAT has published work on a non-lattice based PQC algorithm, PICNIC, and how its memory usage could be decreased to allow for implementation on embedded devices

July 2020

17th International Conference on Security and Criptography (SECRYPT 2020)
9th July, ONLINE
INESC-ID presented the paper “Software Emulation of Quantum Resistant Trusted Platform Modules”

February 2020

Secure Internet Day 2020 Cyprus (SID2020CY)
11th February, Cyprus
Professor Christos Xenakis disseminated the achievements and goals of the FutureTPM project in the SID2020CY seminar with the title of "Together for a better internet" which is concerned with the promotion of secure internet to the children and families of Cyprus.

January 2020

Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience (CISaR) workshop
Professor Christos Xenakis disseminated the achievements and goals of the FutureTPM project in the CISaR workshop which is concerned with critical infrastructure security.

December 2019

13th International Conference on Information Security Theory and Practice (WISTP'2019)
11th December, Paris, France
UL presented the paper "A Lightweight Implementation of NTRU Prime for the Post-Quantum Internet of Things"

October 2019

S2 Hack4Energy hackathon
23rd to 24th October, ONLINE
UBITECH’s Nikos Mourousias (Ethical Hacker) introduces current developments in the project wherein UBITECH team members have created a script that uses eBPF tracing for TPM2.0 commands, generated a list of Quantum-Safe commands and fed the list to the UBITECH’s OLISTIC cybersecurity risk assessment suite ( for low lever risk assessment.

June 2019

ETSI Security Week 2019
17th - 21st of June 2019, Sophia Antipolis, France
Partner HWDU will give a poster presentation with general information on the project, project progress and information on the Network Device Management use case.

Partnership Day
04th of June 2019, Luxembourg
Partners UL will participate.

Mai 2019

R&D Colloquium on Post Quantum Cryptography
06th of May 2019, Munich, Germany
Partners IFAG & IFAT participated.

April 2019

7th International CyberSecurity Symposium
18th - 20th of April 2019, Kumamoto, Japan
The 7th International CyberSecurity Symposium was held in Kumamoto, Japan, on 18th-20th of April. The topic of the Symposium was: "Security in the Internet of Things Space". The symposium was organized by Kyushu University, together with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and The Department of Science and Technology (DST). One of the goals of the workshop was to foster collaboration between Industry and Academic partners in UK, Japan, India working on Cyber-Security and IoT. During the workshop, there were keynotes both from Industry experts working in the IoT research field (e.g., EverySense) and from Academic experts working in trustworthy systems and cyber-security, e.g. from The University of New South Wales and King's College London. Daniele Sgandurra (RHUL) was invited to give a talk, where he presented the main goals of the FutureTPM project. Daniele gave a summary of past and current activities, and outlined the next steps for implementation in hardware, software and virtualization. Afterwards, Daniele Sgandurra attended various meetings with members of the Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP) to discuss possible research collaborations on FutureTPM-related topics.

Download presentation

February 2019

EUTypes COST Action Workshop
24th of February 2019, Krakow, Poland
Partner SURREY participated.

January 2019

Real World Crypto 2019
9th to 11th of January 2019, San Jose, USA
The Real World Crypto Symposium aims to bring together cryptography researchers with developers implementing cryptography in real-world systems. The conference goal is to strengthen the dialogue between these two communities. Topics covered focus on uses of cryptography in real-world environments such as the Internet, the cloud, and embedded devices. One PhD student of project partner SURREY gave a presentation of DAA-related research and briefly introduced the FutureTPM project. The title of the presentation was "Direct Anonymous Attestation in the Wild". In addition to that partner DTU participated.

"Direct Anonymous Attestation in the Wild", Matthew Casey, Liqun Chen, Thanassis Giannetsos, Chris Newton, Ralf Sasse, Steve Schneider, Helen Treharne, Jorden Whitefield, Real World Crypto, San Jose, USA, 2019.

November 2018

Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies
22nd of November 2018, Piraeus, Greece
ENISA and the Department of Digital Systems of University of Piraeus organized a workshop in order to assess the need for Privacy Enhancing Technologies in the greater area of Network and Information Security. The workshop was aimed towards the research and academic community to discuss ongoing initiatives and future directions. The workshop took place in 22/11/2018 at the University of Piraeus. Prof. Christos Xenakis from UPRC introduced the FutureTPM project to show its goals, its advantages, the progresses carried out and the future actions.

ETSI / IQC Quantum Safe Workshop 2018
6th to 8th of November 2018 , Beijing China
Partner IFAG gave a presentation on “Learning with Errors on RSA Co-Processors” and shortly introduced the FutureTPM Project.

October 2018

Linux Security Summit Europe 2018
26th of October 2018, Edinburg, UK
Partner HWDU participated

SIBOS 2018
25th of October 2018, Sydney, Australia
Partner IBM participated.

Cyber Security Awareness Worldwide
8th to 10th of October 2018, Valence, France
UPRC participated in the European Finals of CSAW 2018, that took place in Valence, France, from November 8th to 10th, 2018. The subject of the competition was “Covert Side-channel Data Exfiltration Attacks on a Smart Light Bulb” that focused on embedded security, demonstrating optical side channel data exfiltration attacks. CSAW (Cyber Security Awareness Worldwide) is the largest student-run cyber security event in the world, featuring international competitions, workshops and industry events. During the event, UPRC had the chance to discuss the FutureTPM project with the attendees that included scientific community as well as industry representatives and civil society. The event was also covered by local media.

Workshop DeCifris
4th of October 2018, Rome, Italy
Partner IBM participated.

September 2018

European Researchers Night
28th of September 2018, Athens, Greece
The Researchers’ Night 2018, which was organized in 300 cities around Europe on September 28, 2018, brought together an unprecedented concentration of technical innovators, media and civil society from all around Europe. The goal was to bring together scientific communities and share state of the art research projects with the rest of the world. C. Xenakis, C. Ntantogian and N. Koutroumpouchos from UPRC presented the FutureTPM project in the historic building of National Technical University of Athens to the event attendees and other participants. The team discussed with attendees about the FutureTPM vision and accomplishments so far.


Cyber Security Challenge (CSC)
26th of September, Athens, Greece
The Cyber Security Challenge (CSC) is a series of national competitions, learning programmes, and networking initiatives designed to identify, inspire and enable more people to become cyber security professionals. The University of Piraeus and the UPRC has undertaken the organization and the coordination of the Hellenic participation to CSC. During the presentation of the Hellenic team, Prof. C. Xenakis disseminated the FutureTPM project to attendees by sharing its vision and accomplishments so far. This event gathered interested individuals on the CSC, scientific community and media coverage.

NIS Summer School 2018
24th of September 2018, Heraklion, Greece
Partner IFAG participated and gave a presentation on “Bridging 1st PQC-functions and principles with the smart card world”.

Graz Secuity Days for Industry
5th of September, Graz, Austria
Partner IFAG participated

July 2018

ACNS 2018
2nd of July2018, Leuven, Belgium
Partner IBM participated.

June 2018

ISG Open Day
26th of June 2018, London, United Kingdom
Daniele Sgandurra (RHUL) and Konstantinos Markantonakis (RHUL) led the activities of the Smart Card and IoT Security Centre showroom at the ISG Open Day at Royal Holloway, on Tuesday 26th June 2018. The showroom included a dedicated FutureTPM presentation slot and dissemination desk, and there were plenty of opportunities to network and engage in discussions with visitors to disseminate the results of FutureTPM. The event was very successful and was attended by around 200 participants.

Trusted Computing Group F2F meeting
20th of June 2018, San Diego, USA
Partner HWDU participated and presented the FutureTPM project to the TCG members.

University of Luxembourg - Partnership Day 2018
5th of June 2018, Luxembourg
Partner UL is going to present the FutureTPM project.

May 2018

CSIT’s 8th Annual World Cyber Security Summit
10th of May 2018, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Partner UB talked about the FutureTPM project

April 2018

First Concertation meeting
26th of April 2018, Brussels, Belgium
Partner TEC is going to represent the FutureTPM project

CRYPTACUS Training School
16th to 20thof April 2018, S. Miguel, Portugal
Partner INESC-ID participated

March 2018

CommNet2 PhD Spring School
26th to 28th of March 2018, Sheffield, United Kingdom
The CommNet² Spring School is a regular event targeted at PhD students which, this year, was hosted by the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK with a focus on wireless security. In his talk, Dr. Ronald Toegl of Infineon Technologies Austria AG , gave an introduction to Trusted Computing. The main technology discussed was the Trusted Platform Module, with topics of channel vs. device security, TPM features, core concepts like the chain of trust and the applicability in network computing settings (with examples). Supporting components like the TSS were also introduced and the advances of hardware security (including cryptographic features), also in future settings, discussed. The following discussion with the students was especially fruitful.
In his talk, Dr. Thanassis Giannetsos from the Department of Computer Science, Surrey University , presented the main security and privacy challenges in IoT Edge Computing, focusing on the core edge devices, i.e., sensors, vehicles and mobile phones. He described how the use of trusted computing technologies (especially TPMs) can be used towards establishing and managing trust between entities, starting from bi-lateral interaction between two single system components and continuing as such systems get connected to ever larger entities. A more in-depth discussion revolved around the design of architectures that can support the use of software- and hardware-based attestation towards corroborating the fundamental security and privacy properties of such devices and how they can be transferred to statements on the security properties of hierarchical compositions of Systems-of-Systems.